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I like to tinker with computers, and develop ways of doing my work better/faster. Occasionally I think something I’ve worked on is worth sharing, and you should find it linked here.

FLEx-XLingPaper Interface
XLPMultipleFormGlosses.xsl – This stylesheet works on the output of Language Explorer to produce an XML file of words and glosses formatted as a single example, which is readable by XXE with the XLingpaper DTD
XLPMultipleFormGlosses.xml – This File and the above file need to go in “/usr/share/fieldworks/Language Explorer/Export Templates”, then FLEx will see and make this export available.

To sort references in XLingPaper, to bring your references in accord with the Unified Style Sheet for Linguistics:
ReferencesSort.xsl – Sorts by name and year, ignoring pronyms “van (der)” and “de”.
ReferencesSortAuthors.xsl – Outputs only author names from the above (used to find if you have duplicate author nodes)
referencessort – Bash script to use the above XSLT’s. Outputs to References_output.xsl and a list of any (absolutely) duplicate author names.

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