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Record, Verify, Repeat

When I wrote earlier, I realized I probably was sending out a firehose of information. I really was just trying to get some feedback on the UI, but I realize a lot of people (based on responses) would have appreciated a bit more context on what we’re doing. So I’ll try to lay out things a bit more peacemeal here, and hopefully in future blog posts.

One thing that I’ve thought from the beginning is that the participatory methods I learned depend heavily on being able to fix things. We assume mistakes will be made, so we build into the method ways to check and fix things.

For recording, there is a simple three button method for taking the recording of a framed word with a Click-Speak-Release work flow, like in WeSay and FLEx. On release of the record button, a number of things happen:

Under the hood:

  1. The recording is written to file with a (long!) meaningful filename, including syllable profile, part of speach, guid and gloss. This enables better searching of a pile of files, with whatever operating system tools you have for doing that.
  2. The filename is added to the LIFT file in the appropriate place for an audio writing system (as used in FLEx and WeSay), so it is immediately available in any tool that reads LIFT.

Visible changes:

  1. The record button disappears, and is replaced by play and redo buttons. This allows the user to immediately hear what was just recorded, and approve it before going on. Or, to click redo, and do another take. In beta testing, there were lots of reasons do to this, including noise in the room, weirdness of sound cards starting and stopping recording, and users getting used to how to click and speak in syncrony, without excessive delays, while getting the whole utterance.

What it looks like