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languagedepot.org interface improved in WeSay 1.5

I’ve been very happy lately, being able to use WeSay on my Ubuntu Linux (Precise) computer for the first time in about two years. Among many other improvements (not the least are speed and stability, at least since 1.1) are the improvement of the way languagedepot.org synchronization is set up. If you aren’t using languagedepot.org to store your mercurial repositories of language data, you should check it out; especially in our potentially unstable environment, more copies (and some at a distance) is better for data survivability. You can get an account here. Once you have your account and the language data account set up (instructions on the site), you click on the lower right corner of the send/receive dialog box in WeSay (this is 1.5.x):

set up ld.org
And you’ll get this dialog, where you can input the project name, your name and your password (leave languagedepot.org there, but there are other options, too):

That’s it. Once that’s set up, you can send/receive with this button, which should no longer be gray:

One note: the errors didn’t seem to be particularly informative to me, when I had my wrong username. So if you get an error, check your username and password to ld.org.